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As an independent insurance agency we are able to quote our clients with several companies to provide them with lower rates. We are able to offer them discounts, payment plans and the security that if they have any questions we are here for them.


Personal Insurance

We offer a variety of personal lines markets that give our clients the peace of mind that their belongings are covered in case of a claim.

Whether our clients need to insure their auto, home, mobile home or apartment, they can trust that our staff will search for their perfect coverage at a reasonable price.

Supreme Multi Services Provides you with the best in Auto, Home, Renters insurance coverage

Supreme Multi Services Provides you with the best in Auto, Home, Renters insurance coverage

Commercial Insurance

We understand that some clients may venture into the business world and provide expert service of their own.

Our staff can help assure that those businesses are covered in case of any claims. We offer markets for builder’s risk, General Liability, business owners, commercial auto, trucking and cargo among others. With a variety of companies, business owners can rest assured that we can find their ideal coverage at a competitive price. We also rely on our very own contact to finance companies allowing our clients to save even more.

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Recreational Insurance

We know that life isn’t all work!

That’s why we count on our recreational lines market to help insure your fun time toys. This includes coverage for your boat, RV and motorcycle.

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Tax Preparation

 Income tax preparation can be a tedious task, let our experts guide you through the ins and outs of filing your tax return. Whether it is a personal tax return or a corporate, we are always up to date on the current tax laws. Our staff attends yearly Tax Forums designed to teach tax preparers about the upcoming changes and how to guide our clients through a smooth transition. We strive to make tax filing as seamless as possible while maintaining accuracy.


Personal Income Tax

Let our experts save you time and money by trusting your personal tax preparation and filing to Supreme Multi Services.

Personal and Corporate Tax Preparation provided by the experts at Supreme Multi Services in Arlington, Texas.

Corporate / Partnership Tax

Our team is qualified to fully prepare and file your corporate taxes. Your business tax needs, no matter how big, are in good hands with us.


ITIN Request/Renewal

ITIN’s are Individual Tax Identification Numbers assigned to people whom do not have a Social Security Number and wish to file Income Taxes. Our staff is thoroughly trained to help with the application process. Whether you are requesting an ITIN for the first time or you need to renew your ITIN, we make the process simple.  


IRS Examinations

Got an IRS Audit letter? Break up with your tax preparer and let us help you get through this sticky process.


Supreme Multi Services

 Bookkeeping & Payroll

Running a business can be challenging enough with the day to day operations, which is why we make every effort to take some of the burden off of business owners



Supreme Multi Services helps you run your business by offering bookkeeping services; tracking down a business’ expenses on a monthly basis can be extremely helpful for a business owner. This cuts down on the time a business owner spends calculating deductible expenses and more time growing and working their business. Opting for our bookkeeping service gives you access to monthly/yearly Profit and Loss Statements and monthly/quarterly/yearly business analysis, making it possible to track down where too much money is being spent.

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Companies with employees can count on us to process payroll on their behalf. Payroll services include reporting and distributing of Liabilities as well as Wages. Business owners can choose their pay dates and employees can choose to receive their earnings through direct deposit. We also distribute W-2 forms at the end of each year. Convenience for the business owners is our goal.



Other Services We Offer

With the ever changing laws and regulations for Insurance, Income Tax and Notary services our staff is committed to continuing our education requirements. We provide services such as translation, bill of sale, and affidavits for your personal and business needs.


Notary Services

Notary Services are available on a daily basis. Signer must be present and provide a valid U.S. identification. Signer must not sign document until Notary has verified identification.

Translation Services

Spanish documents translated. Please allow 24-48 hours for your document to be translated. 

Bill of Sale

We can create a bill of sale as well as notarize the document. Both seller and buyer will need to be present, provide valid identification and provide vehicle information as well as purchase amount and any contingencies that should be stated in bill of sale.


Whether a client finds themselves in need of an Affidavit, Verification of Employment, Permission to Travel for a Minor or other Statement documents, they can rest assured that our staff is properly trained to complete these documents with accuracy and professionalism.